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Bula vinaka! and a warm welcome to the Mineral Resources Department website.

The Mineral Resources Department (MRD) is one of the two Departments administered through the portfolio of the Ministry of Lands and Mineral Resources.
It has statutory functions through the Mining Division that regulates the mineral sector which includes all minerals whether of high or low value. This also covers whether the minerals are terrestrial or offshore and extractive activities like quarrying. In addition to this, the Environment Division of the ministry is based at MRD to assist in regulatory functions associated and mandated under the sustainable development policies such as the Green growth Framework.
The department also manages the effective development of groundwater resources and the provision of clean safe drinking water through reticulation programs by the State. Through the initiative of the government, we have seen in 2016 an extension to this work in the reticulation of groundwater from the borehole to the households. This is a milestone achieved as it has enabled all relevant government agencies to work together to successfully achieve one of the government’s manifesto.
Through its geological survey division, mapping and geoscience/geospatial information is collated pertaining to mineral tenements and prospective sites around Fiji. In conjunction with this work, the division also provides expert advice on geotechnical assessments and geological stability of groundworks for state lands development. In lie with this, the division was an instrumental component with NDMO in the relocation program for villages affected by TC Winston.
Other services provided by the department is the 24/7 monitoring of seismic and tsunami events. The dissemination of public awareness and response plan is one of the key roles of this unit which is being staffed with qualified seismologists. In addition, geochemical analyses, geoscience information and other supporting services are also provided for the development and regulation of the mineral sector, groundwater provision, geo-hazard assessments and sustainable development practices.
Through this website we wish to convey the right information to all stakeholders to further enhance the services we deliver for the betterment of Fiji’s economy.
Hopefully you will be informed and advised as you browse through.

Thank you
Director Mineral Development