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Tone Top 300

The Tone Top 300, provided through Japanese AID in 1994, is equipped with rotary mud circulation pump and down the hole hammer drilling equipment. It has a 900 cfm Ingersol compressor. When mud rotary drilling is carried out, the initial roller bit used is 12 ¼". After drilling the regolith (weathered layer) the bit could be changed to 10 ½ ", 9 7/8" and 8 ½" depending on the diameter of the casing to be installed.

Groundwater boreholes are mostly completed with 6" and 8" screens and casings. The 8 ½" roller bit when used in down the hole hammer drilling, is capable of drilling to a depth of 150m.

Some of the features of TONE TOP 300 is shown below:

 Rotating Speed

 Torque (kg.m)  Hyd. Pressure (kg/cm2)
 Low Speed  0-60  500  200
 High Speed  0-120  250  220

Loading Capacity: 7,000 kg


Type: Hydraulic Cylinder Wirefeed
 Stroke: 7.5m
 Pulldown force: Max 3,200 kg (at 50 kg/cm2 pressure)
 Holdback force: Max 7,000 kg (at 155 kg/cm2 pressure)

Mud Pump

Type and name: Tone Model "NP-700" duplex reciprocating mud pump
 Capacity: 615 l/min
 Max Pressure:22 kg/cm2
 Suction size: 100 mm (4")
 Delivery Size: 50 mm

A 8" diameter borehole 100m deep can be drilled in two shifts using down the hammer drilling method. Furthermore, a 60m deep borehole can be completed in three days using mud rotary drilling method on semi-hard formations.