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Tone Top 200

The Tone Top 200 was provided to MRD through Japanese AID,1981 and is equipped with rotary mud drilling and 5 ½" down the hole equipment. This drill rig is also equipped with 500 cfm airmen compressor. Casings of 6" and 8" in diameter have been installed using 12 ¼", 9 5/8" and 7 7/8" roller bits. With down the hole hammer, 5 ½" hammer is initially used and the hole is enlarged by reaming with a larger roller bit.

Some of the features of Tone Top 200 is given below:

 Depth (m)  Size of drill pipe
 300  2 3/8"
 200  2 7/8"
 150  3 1/2"

Swivel Head (Drive Head)

 Rotating Speed (rpm)

 Torque  Hyd. Pressure (kg/cm2)
Low Speed  0-60  500  240
High Speed 0-120 250 240

Supportable Load : 6,000 kg

Type: Twin Hydarulic Cylinder chain feed
 Stroke: 7.5m
 Max. Thrust power: 6,000 kg at hydraulic pressure 170 kg/cm2

Mud Pump:
Model & type: Tone model "NAS-5H" heavy duty double, reciprocating mud pump
 Rated Capacity: 600 L/min
 Max Pressure: 25 kg/cm2

A 60m borehole can be drilled in two shifts using hammer method, while it will take 3 days to complete a 60m borehole using mud rotary drilling method.