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Regional Airborne Magnetic and Radiometric Data

Airborne Geophysical Data acquired by the Fiji Regional Airborne Geophysics Project during 1997 was officially released on 2 June 1998. It was part of a major initiative by the Fiji Government to upgrade available geological data, strengthen institutional capabilities and promote the mineral resource potential of Fiji as a significant future component of Fiji's economy.
The survey was funded by the Australian Government and flying and data acquisition were closely managed and supervised by the Australian Geological Survey Organisation (AGSO). The survey was flown by Kevron Geophysics Pty Ltd of Australia which was also responsible for data processing.

The airborne geophysics survey covers a major portion of the Fiji landmass and prospective offshore basins. The flight line spacing over the island group is 400 m, and 800 m offshore. Flying height in both instances was 80 m. A combination of helicopter and fixed wing aircraft was used to fly the survey with a total of 160,000 line km of data acquistion (~80,000 km per aircraft type).

The results of the geophysical survey have been released as a comprehensive data package that includes point-located and gridded digital data, image maps, profile maps, flight path maps and interpretation maps. The digital data are available on both magnetic tape and CD-ROM.

The Mineral Resources Department on behalf of the Government of Fiji retains copyright over the Fiji digital airborne geophysical data and related data products.

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