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The Vuda-rakiraki geoscience GIS database has been designed to assist explorers to get an overview of mineralization styles and potential and previous exploration activity for the Vuda-Rakiraki area. The GIS database covers the following subject areas:

Geological Data geology and structure at 1: 50 000 and 1: 250 000 scales
Geophysical Data aeromagnetics, radiometrics, digital terrain model, gravity, interpretations
Geochemical Sample Locations drillcore sample locations and data, grab sample locations and data, stream sediment sample location and data
Topographical Data coastline, contours, infrastructure, mapsheets, rivers and roads
Administrative/Tenement Data current and historical SPLs
Photography aerial photographs


All this is available on a CD and the data comes in both MapInfo and Arcview formats. For more information contact the Geological Surveys Division.