The monitoring of earthquake and tsunami in Fiji is an ongoing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24/7) activity that the Seismology Section of the Department of Mineral Resources is in charge and accountable for. It is a critical task of greater responsibility that engages commitment of staffs, attention to detail and preparedness of all sorts bearing in mind that pro-active phases of the work will only allow timely analysis, assessments and the dissemination of earthquake and tsunami information’s publicly; acknowledging and factoring that natural disasters like earthquakes are beyond human measure to predict or foresee their occurrence.    
In order for the Seismology Section to effectively perform its core duties, the Fiji Seismological Network comprises of six (6) outer remote satellite stations that continuously sending real-time dataset to the main hub (Head Quarter, HQ) at the Mineral Resources Department, Suva on 24/7 routine base. The receiver station in Suva retrieves and displays these real-time waveforms on interconnected monitoring softwares and computers that are observable to the watchful eyes of staffs for detail inspection. Instant detection of events and respective analysis are recognized with alertness and the corresponding dissemination of informations publicly is done through carefully following the guidelines stipulated under the Sections standard operating procedures (SOP).


The Fiji seismological network and datas on the other hand are co-shared to our regional counterpart and neighboring South West Pacific Island Countries through the assistance of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the Oceania Regional Seismic Network (ORSNET). This provision has dramatically strengthens our earthquake and tsunami monitoring capability qualitatively and quantity as well which has opens a doorway to share, interchange and access to real-time regional seismic datasets at any time for the sole purpose of achieving  a reliable, concrete assessments that is compatible on a global stand with other recognized international institutions globally.     

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