The Mining Division is the State’s lead agency in attracting private investment in resources, exploration and development through the provision of geoscientific information on minerals resources, management of an equitable and secure titles systems for the mining, petroleum and geothermal industries. It also carries prime responsibility for regulating these extractive industries and dangerous goods in Fiji, including the collection of royalties, and ensuring that safety, health and environmental standards are consistent with relevant regulations. In addition to this, the Mining Division is committed to educating the community about resource development and regulation in respective resource sector. It is also focused on delivering its key strategies to ensure the continued growth of the resources industry and to maximize the economic and social return to all Fijians.

Inspectorate Section

  • Project assessments (explosives import/storage/use/transport), Site Inspections and Investigations, License/Permit processing-Explosives and Fireworks.
  • Review and enforcement of Mining, Quarrying and explosives regulations.
  • Regular inspection and monitoring of all mines and quarries in Fiji to meet the regulated standards imposed on their activities.

Tenement and Community Liaison Section

  • Promotion, Development of Exploration, Mining, Petroleum & Quarrying Sectors and administer the tenements.
  • Mineral policy Development and Implementation.
  • Increase Development in Sector.

Resource Geology Section

  • To regularly liaise with stakeholders including landowners to inform interested parties of environmental issues in any development.
  • Offer advise to any interested party when required.


  • Mining Act Chapter 146
  • Quarries Act Chapter 147
  • Petroleum (Exploration & Exploitation) Act Chapter 148
  • Explosives Act Chapter 189

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